who we are

Shiloh Ranch Church is a strong community of people that come together to worship God and learn from His word. The minute you park in our lot you’ll be greeted by friendly men and women and the sound of cattle in the pen. As you approach our building you’ll smell food cooking and the laughter of people enjoying each other’s company. We are a come-as-you-are church where there is no need to change out of your boots to join in.

Shiloh Ranch Church is an intergenerational church. Our children's leaders serve our kids with passion while our worship team leads with excellence. The 1017 Project serves our community while our men’s and women’s ministries serve our families.

Shiloh Ranch Church is a place where we value our freedom and discovering the unique purpose that God had in mind when He created us. We believe reaching men is the key to reaching families and our heart is to see independent thinkers, like us, lead the charge in building God-centered communities.

Our Vision & Misson

At Shiloh Ranch Church we believe the Church should become gritty again. 

We exist to create a clear path to Jesus and believe that when Jesus is present, the least likely becomes the most probable.  

Our Core values

Our core values are the guardrails that protect the Shiloh Ranch Church vision. 



Jesus is enough. 

Reaching men reaches families. 

Truth in love.


Church is for you, not about you. 

Say “Yes” only to what fits. 

Under promise, over deliver.


Pedal your own bike. 

Contributors, not consumers. 

Hospitality opens hearts. 

Those that water get watered.


Create a safe place to observe Jesus.

Grow out, not in.

Keep it simple, do it well.

Prioritize things that can multiply.